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How It All Began

CAB Motorworks was established and incorporated in 2013 by Chris Barnes, and is located in Huntington Beach California. Chris is a practicing engineer with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a MS in Aerospace Engineering both from West Virginia University, and is a life long cycling enthusiast. Spending the majority of his life trying to beat anyone who would race him, whether it was on a gas powered motorcycle or a human/gravity powered mountain bike, Chris loved two wheels. It all came together when he first created his his own do it yourself electric bike out of his beach cruiser, realizing the potential, CAB Motorworks was born.

Our Motto

Here at CAB Motorworks we strive for two things:

#1 Customer Service! What is customer service you say? We feel the same way, as we have recognized that customer service has seemingly gone by the wayside in this day and age. Not at CAB Motorworks! We embrace our customers, and realize that if it were not for you, we wouldn't exist. We will do everything in our power to make sure that you are a happy customer, no matter what it takes. We strive to make our customer base the most educated and satisfied in the industry and we go the extra mile.

#2 Cool Rides For A Cool Price We are proud to provide a product line that we endorse because we love them ourselves, and we want to provide these products at the lowest possible price for everyone to enjoy. All of the products we sell, we ourselves use and enjoy frequently and want to spread the word so everyone can have as much fun as we are....without breaking the bank!


We specialize in high performance electric conversion kits and custom light electric vehicles. These primarily consist of electric hub and and mid drive motors, high output lithium batteries, high end controllers, and unique vehicle platforms. In addition we have sourced a great selection of support components to complement our performance products, all with the highest level of quality in mind.

Our Team

Chris Barnes - President

Joe Weiger - Product support and development engineer

Tom Lockwood - Product support and development engineer

Erik DeDomenico - Mechanic/ Research and Development

Corbin Flynn - Social Media/ Marketing, Mechanic

Email: CAB@CABMotorworks.com

Phone: 714-594-9885