Introducing the highest energy density Li-Ion battery packs available on the market in 2018! The CAB Motorworks custom built packs provide the highest capability in every category from quality and durability to energy density, power density, instantaneous power, and safety. The list goes on and on with the highest power smart chargers that come stock with all of our batteries. All of our packs come assembled and tightly packed into a sheet metal battery box that has a hard mounting system integrated into the box to allow for rigid, durable, and seamless configuration into your vehicle or system. This complete battery system allows for the best vibration, impact, and moisture protection of any battery packs in the world, but can be easily removed from the box if dimensional constraints are of the utmost importance. We only use the highest quality, highest performance cells and Battery Management Systems available on the planet in our packs to provide the highest capabilities to the end user.

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52v21ah Battery 52v21ah Battery

Our Price: $899.00
52v42ah Battery 52v42ah Battery

Our Price: $1,950.09
72v35ah Battery 72v35ah Battery

Our Price: $2,895.00
52v60ah Battery 52v60ah Battery

Our Price: $2,995.00
72v42ah Battery 72v42ah Battery

Our Price: $3,395.00