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The Story
CAB Motorworks designs, manufactures and engineers high performance electric bikes in the USA. Started by a small team of engineers CAB Motorworks was established and incorporated in 2013 in Huntington Beach California. In 2016, the CAB EAGLE was featured on “Adventure Capitalist” by CNBC, this great opportunity gave us a boost in sales and has helped us fully develop the CAB RECON, as well as our other follow on bikes for production.

The engineering team at CAB Motorworks designs and develops anything that is fast and electric. At CAB Motorworks we keep pushing the boundaries in order to deliver the next greatest product to our customers. All of our products are design validated by means of CAD models, 3D-printed prototypes, and rideable prototypes that are put the test. Please contact us for anything that you would like us to fully develop and we will make it happen!

Customer Service
At CAB Motorworks we embrace our customers, and realize that if it were not for you, we wouldn't exist. We will do everything in our power to make sure that you are a happy customer, no matter what it takes. We strive to make our customer base the most educated and satisfied in the industry and we go the extra mile.

Cool Rides Cool Price
At CAB Motorworks we are proud to provide a product line that we endorse because we love them ourselves, and we want to provide these products at the lowest possible price for everyone to enjoy. All of the products we sell, we ourselves use and enjoy frequently and want to spread the word so everyone can have as much fun as we are....without breaking the bank!

We specialize in high performance custom light electric vehicles. These primarily consist of electric hub and/or mid drive two wheeled vehicles, high output lithium batteries, high end controllers, and unique vehicle platforms. In addition we have sourced a great selection of support components to complement our performance products, all with the highest level of quality in mind.

The Team
Chris Barnes
President & Senior Product Design Engineer
Chris is a practicing engineer with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a MS in Aerospace Engineering both from West Virginia University, and is a lifelong cycling enthusiast. Spending the majority of his life trying to beat anyone who would race him, whether it was on a gas powered motorcycle or a human/gravity powered mountain bike, Chris loved two wheels. It all came together when he first created his own do it yourself electric bike out of his beach cruiser, realizing the potential, CAB Motorworks was born.

Thomas Lockwood
Product Design Engineer and Product support

Joe Weiger
Product Design Engineer and Product support

Erik DeDomenico
Marketing, Product Development and Product support

Corbin Flynn
Marketing, Mechanic and Product support

Contact Us
Email: Cab@Cabmotorworks.com
Phone: (714) 594-9885

Warranty/Return Policy

Returns and refunds will be given with respect to a return within 7 days of receipt of your bike and/or If an order is rescinded, prior to shipment, in either case a restocking fee of 35% of the price of purchase will be deducted from the payment received and a period of 14 days may elapse prior to receipt of refund. All stated lead times are estimates, and generally speaking a build takes approximately 8 weeks.

All bikes have a 1 year limited warranty period with two stages for the original owner, that starts the day the bike ships, covering any manufacturing defects. In stage one (0 to 90 days from shipping) CAB will replace any returned component that is deemed a manufacturing defect at no additional cost to the owner (owner must pay to return the specific failed parts to CAB for warranty analysis). Stage two (91-365 days) provides for a linear depreciation of CAB responsibility for the component replacement costs from 100% to 0% from day 91 to day 365, and the owner is responsible for shipping the component from CAB back to the owner(the owner must pay to return parts to CAB for warranty analysis). The owner is responsible for analyzing the specific failure and performing the replacement to be considered for warranty return.

Non standard use of the bike voids the warranty, such as racing or jumping the bike. You must only ride the bike where you are permitted to ride them and with all of the appropriate safety gear worn at all times. The warranty is only good for the original purchaser of the bike.

International Policy
Any bike shipped internationally will meet the required specification for electrically assisted bicycles of the receiving country.

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