About The Racer

30 kW Sine Wave System + Advanced Cooling
  • 50% more power & torque than the Recon 
  • Proprietary heat dissipation allows for a high duty cycle.
Ultimate Off Road Capability
  • 10" front and 12" rear motocross suspension, so no terrain can stop you.
  • Fully adjustable shock preload, compression, and rebound.
DOT Motorcycle Wheel and Tires
  • 19" front and 18" rear, motorcycle and DOT rated wheels, the Racer is ready for any road.
  • Hand built in the USA with the latest spokes for ultimate protection.
  • Enduro tires with heavy duty tubes, a perfect combination of versatility and durability.
Performance Battery System
  • The largest stock ebike battery in the world with 3kWh of energy.
  • With its 5kWh battery option, it can take you to the moon and back.
  • With the 30S (108V) 5 KWH battery option, you get the most advanced, powerful and efficient ebike electric drive system on the planet.
  • Smart BMS & high-performace battery cells for peak output.
High Power Braking System
  • 2.9mm x 260mm Front & 3.2mm x 220mm Rear Brake Rotors
  • 4 Piston Motorcycle Brake Calipers.
    Lifespan | 800 cycles or up to 10 years.
    Charging time | 6hrs from empty.
    Controller | FOC Electronic Speed Controller