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Built and tested in the USA.

Motor Power | 30kW

Stock Battery | 72V & 42Ah (3kWh)

Stock Range | 20-100 miles

Brakes | 4 Piston Moto Calipers / 2.9mm x 260mm Front / 3.2 x 220mm Rear

Suspension Travel | 10" Front and 12" Rear Motocross Shocks

Wheels | 21" Front & 18" Rear Moto Wheels

Charger | 110V Smart AC Charger

*Contact for custom paint color, pictures for reference only.


3 KWH Stock Battery | 20-100 miles of range.

4 KWH Battery Upgrade | 30-150 miles of range.

    • The moto range (minimum) is in the toughest riding conditions.
    • The ultimate range (maximum) is in ideal efficiency conditions. (Average rider going 15mph or less on flat paved ground)

    LED Light Kit

    • LED Headlight
    • LED Tail Light
    • Handlebar Switch
    • 120W DC/DC System.

    LED KITTail Light

    Street Safety Kit

    Making your ride safer and necessary if you intend to register you bike, it includes:

    • Headlight
    • Tail Light
    • Brake light
    • Turn signals
    • Mirrors
    • Horn

    Street Safety KitStreet Safety Kit

    Performance MotorWheel

    • Hand-built in the USA with top materials and expertise.
    • Essential for pushing your bike to the highest levels of performance.
    • ~2x standard spoke diameter.
    • 18" Excel Takasago rim (or similar) for high impacts and rocky conditions.

    Motor Wheel


      About The Racer

      30 kW Sine Wave System + Advanced Cooling
      • 50% more power & torque than the Recon 
      • Proprietary heat dissipation allows for a high duty cycle.
      Ultimate Off Road Capability
      • 10" front and 12" rear motocross suspension, so no terrain can stop you.
      • Fully adjustable shock preload, compression, and rebound.
      DOT Motorcycle Wheel and Tires
      • 19" front and 18" rear, motorcycle and DOT rated wheels, the Racer is ready for any road.
      • Hand built in the USA with the latest spokes for ultimate protection.
      • Enduro tires with heavy duty tubes, a perfect combination of versatility and durability.
      Performance Battery System
      • The largest stock ebike battery in the world with 3kWh of energy.
      • With its 4.6kWh battery option, it can take you to the moon and back.
      • Smart BMS & high-performace battery cells for peak output.
      High Power Braking System
      • 2.9mm x 260mm Front & 3.2mm x 220mm Rear Brake Rotors
      • 4 Piston Motorcycle Brake Calipers.
        Lifespan | 800 cycles or up to 10 years.
        Charging time | 6hrs from empty.
        Controller | FOC Electronic Speed Controller


        USA Shipping: $600 & ready-to-ride

        *Call or Email for International Shipping.

        +1 (714) 594-9885 /


        What's the max range of your bikes?

        Battery sizes are as follows:

        1.8 KWH | 12-60 miles of range.
        2 KWH | 14-70 miles of range.
        3 KWH | 20-100 miles of range.
        4 KWH | 30-150 miles of range.

        Riding easy vs hard can result in a ~5x difference in range. This is true for all battery powered high-performance vehicles.

        How capable are the bikes?

        Acceleration: Our ebikes have surprising torque, and the Recon is quicker than any other ebike.
        Nimbleness: Added weight from a larger battery is hardly noticeable. Light, powerful, and agile.
        Terrain: Standard 8" front and 10" rear suspension allow you to overcome most all obstacles.

        What is the Performance Motor wheel?

        Hand-built in the USA and doubling the spoke diameter from the standard. It cushions the motor from high impacts and rocky conditions. Mitigating dented rims with its higher sidewall.This is essential if you'll be pushing your bike to the highest levels of performance.

        Rain and wet conditions?

        Our E-bikes can handle rain and water splashes. However, submerging or pressure washing the bikes with water is not recommended and can lead to component damage or failure. 

        How should I clean my bike?

        Use a clean, dry or damp microfiber cloth to wipe down your ride or leave it dirty as your badge of honor.

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