What's the max range of your bikes?

Battery sizes are as follows:

1.8 KWH | 12-60 miles of range.
2 KWH | 14-70 miles of range.
3 KWH | 20-100 miles of range.
4 KWH | 30-150 miles of range.

Riding easy vs hard can result in a ~5x difference in range. This is true for all battery powered high-performance vehicles.

How capable are the bikes?

Acceleration: Our ebikes have surprising torque, and the Recon is quicker than any other ebike.
Nimbleness: Added weight from a larger battery is hardly noticeable. Light, powerful, and agile.
Terrain: Standard 8" front and 10" rear suspension allow you to overcome most all obstacles.

What is the Performance Motor wheel?

Hand-built in the USA and doubling the spoke diameter from the standard. It cushions the motor from high impacts and rocky conditions. Mitigating dented rims with its higher sidewall.This is essential if you'll be pushing your bike to the highest levels of performance.

Rain and wet conditions?

Our E-bikes can handle rain and water splashes. However, submerging or pressure washing the bikes with water is not recommended and can lead to component damage or failure. 

How should I clean my bike?

Use a clean, dry or damp microfiber cloth to wipe down your ride or leave it dirty as your badge of honor.