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CAB Moto Seat

CAB Moto Seat

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The CAB Eagle Moto seat improves your body control and rideability, mounting onto the Eagle, Falcon, and 750R.

Designed and built in the USA!


36Ah Stock Battery | 2.6kW Hours / 16-80 miles of range.

42Ah Battery Upgrade | 3kW Hours / 20-100 miles of range.

63Ah Battery Upgrade | 4.5kW Hours / 40-200 miles of range.

    • The moto range (minimum) is in the toughest riding conditions.
    • The ultimate range (maximum) is in ideal efficiency conditions. (Average rider going 15mph or less on flat paved ground)

    AuxiliaryPower and LED Light Kit

    • Ultra-bright head and tail light
    • On/Off button
    • 12V lighter port & 5V USB up to 120 Watts.

    LED KITTail Light

    Street Safety Kit

    Making your ride safer and necessary if you intend to register you bike, it includes:

    • Auxiliary Power Kit
    • Headlight
    • Brake light
    • Turn signals
    • Mirrors
    • Horn

    Street Safety KitStreet Safety Kit

    Performance MotorWheel

    • Hand-built in the USA with top materials and expertise.
    • Essential for pushing your bike to the highest levels of performance.
    • ~2x standard spoke diameter.
    • 18" Excel Takasago rim (or similar) for high impacts and rocky conditions.

    Motor Wheel

    Tektro Brake System

    • 1.8mm: 220mm Rotors / 2-piston
    • 2.3mm System: 220mm Rotors / 4-piston
    • Dual Front Rotors: Less noise / 2x Front Force / Longer brake life

      Schlumpf 2 Speed Crankset

      • Made in Germany
      • 2.5:1 overdrive, pedal upwards of 50 mph. (Only 15 mph stock)
      • A satisfying feeling and can add to the effective range of your bike. 

      About The Recon

      20 kW Sine Wave System + Advanced Cooling
      • Most powerful electric bike on the planet second only to the CAB Racer.
      • Twice as powerful as the Eagle, with a boost in top speed by 25% and torque by almost 50%.
      • Advanced cooling for improved efficiency and extended lifespan.
      RECON Sub-frame and Moto Seat
      • Designed by CAB, and made in the USA.
      • Waterproof controller housing with improved cooling.
      • By riders for riders, with great fit, form, and function.
      DOT Motorcycle Wheels and Tires
      • Full-sized Motorcycle wheels and tires.
      • 19" DOT Enduro tires that work great on & off-road
      • Built for the power and speed of a motorcycle.
      Fully-Adjustable Suspension System
      • Made for the roughest terrain and fastest roads.
      • Fully adjustable preload, compression, and rebound.
      Advanced Braking System
      • 220mm front & rear Tektro brake system.
      • 4 kW of regen braking power, often making it unnecessary to use the brake pads.
      • Regen recharges up to 20% of energy back into the battery.
      Lifespan | 800 cycles or up to 10 years.
      Charging time | 6hrs from empty.
      Controller | ASI BAC8000 or similar.


      USA Shipping: $600 & ready-to-ride

      *Call or Email for International Shipping.

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